New work: 

- Iconography 

- Mosaics 

- Stained glass 

- Marble furnishings, flooring, and decorative elements 

- Specialized fabrications, installations, and modifications 

- Planning/consulting services 


Interior restoration experience includes: 

- Project design and development 

- Water, steam, and fire damage mitigation and cleanup 

- Construction/restoration of structural elements 

- Plaster and drywall restoration and resurfacing 

- Iconography removal, repair, and remounting 

- Mosaic repair - smalti and ceramic 

- Stained glass removal, restoration, and reinstallation 

- Woodwork reconstructon and stripping/refinishing 

- Re-creation of and/or creation of new decorative elements 

- Stone-carved and wood-carved furnishings and ornamental working elements 

- Mould making and casting - metals and stonecast 

- Gold-leafing 

- Flooring of all types 

- Painting 

- Periodic maintenance and cleaning 


Exterior restoration experience includes: 

- Cleaning and refinishing of stone, brick, and wooden structures 

- Stained glass restoration, fabrication, and sealing 

- Window replacement/reconstruction 

- Entry door replacement 

- Gold-leaf 

- Exterior mosaic - smalti and ceramic 

- Decorative elements 

- Signage and lettering